LDB Interior Textiles September 2018


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In Vogue – N.Y. Market For The Bath

The demand for design options that express consumers’ interests and tastes is more than satisfied in that most personal of spaces, the bathroom. Whether it’s coastal or lodge, gender-inclusive or color-rich oversized floral motifs, today’s options truly offer something for everyone.

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In Vogue – N.Y. Market Area & Accent Rugs

For every movement, there’s a counter-movement. The popularity of contemporary style is counterpointed by the continuing demand for intricate, updated classical motifs.

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In Vogue – N.Y. Market For The Bedroom

Continuing in popularity are medallion motifs, bohemian styles and colorful florals in vibrant hues. Perenially in bloom, floral designs today run the gamut from detailed prints of garden bouquets to contemporary semi-abstract renderings of over-scaled blooms.

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In Vogue – N.Y. Market For The Living & Dining Rooms

When it comes to living room cushions, texture is king—from chunky, fuzzy, furry and velvety yarns to the shimmer and sheen of satin fabrics and metallic beadwork and finishes. Any technique that compels one to touch, feel and hug a pillow is welcome!

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In Vogue – N.Y. Market Beyond Windows

Though neutrals of all kinds generally play a significant role in home décor, varied shades of gray continue to top the list of most-in-demand.


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China Tariffs & The American Worker

Did you know that only 2 percent of down and feather comes from the U.S., with more than 80 percent imported from China? According to David Sweet, chair of the American Down and Feather Council

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Celebrating Lifestyle Branding – Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia, Guest of Honor at the LDB Interior Textiles/295 Fifth Avenue N.Y. Market V.I.P. party on Sept. 24, 2018, explores the unique visions behind her eponymous lifestyle brands