LDB Interior Textiles October 2017


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The Art Of Survival

In celebration of LDB Interior Textiles’ 90th anniversary, our annual State of the Industry Report explores what it takes to survive and grow in the home fashions market

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Fall In High Point

Fresh resources on view during High Point Market, which runs from Oct. 14 to 18, 2017, in High Point, NC


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LDB Interior Textiles At 90: A Time For Age & Wisdom

Everything changes over time and often the older you get, the more you notice it because you have a longer past to enable comparisons. However, globalization, mobility and internet access have contributed to picking up the pace of change. In the business arena, before one can even think about growing, responding to quickly changing circumstances has to be addressed just to survive.

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Seen & Heard At N.Y. Market

A roundup of tantalizing tidbits garnered during the September 2017 N.Y. Home Fashions Market.

In The Industry

Kaleen & Rachel Ray Launch Licensing Partnership

On Sept. 14, 2017, Kaleen announced the launch of its new licensing partnership with Rachael Ray Home. Kaleen debuts three new collections during the October 2017 High Point Furniture Market