LDB Interior Textiles March 2018


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Window View

A wide range of resources in draperies, decorative hardware and trims that include and reach beyond debuts at N.Y. Home Fashions Market


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Paths To The Future

It’s still early enough in the year to rub that crystal ball once more and see what experts have to say about retail trends and predictions for 2018. Here are insights into what is ahead this year from retail software management provider Vend (vendhq.com).

Industry Views

Binetti Fashions Come Home

Born in Buenos Aires, Diego Binetti studied at the Miami International University of Art and Design, and the Institute of Maragoni in Milan before working with varied fashion houses in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

For Retailers Only

Celebrating Vintage Style

Sarah Willett, Guest of Honor at the LDB Interior Textiles/295 Fifth Avenue N.Y. market V.I.P. Party on March 19, 2018, explores the unique vision behind her company, Patina Vie