LDB Interior Textiles February 2018


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Brand Bravery

Experts weigh in on what it takes to make in-house and licensed brands flourish in today’s marketplace

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Fashions For All

Today’s fashion bedding caters to a wider-than-ever range of consumer tastes and preferences


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Pitfalls Of Change In Branding

“Change” is constant and inevitable. The “Brand Bravery” article in this issue explores the need for constant updating of product lines within brands to keep up with changing times. However, as much as there are upsides to change, there can be downsides as well if the responses to the need for change aren’t appropriate for the brand, its retailers and its consumer customers.

Industry Views

Stacy Garcia On Branding

Stacy Garcia On Branding - Nanuet NY-based Stacy Garcia (845-426-5806, stacygarcia.com) is founder and chief inspiration officer of multiple enterprises.