Industry Views May 2018

Zoe Bios Creative Tapped For Home Collection By West Elm


Zoe Bios Creative (323-412-0382, is a Los Angeles-based art and design collective founded in 2005 by artists and entrepreneurs Caitlin Dinkins and Minh Nguyen (shown). Rooted in creativity, global connectedness and artful living, Zoe Bios Creative serves as an art resource to the interior design industry, with captivating color palettes offered throughout its limited edition ZBC House collection of contemporary artworks and a variety of works created by an expanding troupe of represented artists. In April 2018, Zoe Bios Creative launched its first collection of home products in collaboration with retailer West Elm, available online and in stores through Fall 2018. Showcasing signature artwork, the capsule collection features 16 bedding, pillow and rug skus defined by sweeping brushstrokes and contemporary color mixing. Zoe Bios Creative co-founders, Dinkins and Nguyen, jointly provide insights below on the new
West Elm venture.

Where did artwork used in the collection originate?
“The art is an exclusive surface design collection that does not interfere with our wall art offerings. It is strictly a small capsule collection of 3D Home products offered by West Elm. This collection of designs was created specifically for each of the offered products by Caitlin, Minh and our team of in-house artists.”

How would you describe the style of the West Elm designs? Are there any signature elements?
“We wanted the 3D objects to have our signature painterly overlay, as we felt it would marry well with plush silk rugs and soft textiles.”

Why did you choose to work directly with retailer West Elm rather than license a collection through another supplier?
“We chose to work with West Elm on these products because they approached us and it seemed like a fun challenge. Additionally, we have a lot of repect for what they’ve done and appreciated their working style. We would just as readily work with a supplier or a retailer with regard to licensing as it relates to our aesthetic sensibility and a similar proclivity toward designing and making.

Shown above from the West Elm capsule collection by Zoe Bios Creative is the Outdoor Color Corner pillow, which features an indoor- and outdoor-friendly waterproof cover and 100 percent recycled polyester filling.