Industry Views February 2018

Stacy Garcia On Branding


Nanuet NY-based Stacy Garcia (845-426-5806, is founder and chief inspiration officer of multiple enterprises. Established in 1999, her textile company, LebaTex, Inc., focuses on the hospitality sector. Created in 2004, licensing firm and design house, Stacy Garcia, Inc., offers the hospitality Stacy Garcia Commercial brand, the residential luxury Stacy Garcia | New York brand, and the casual residential Stay by Stacy Garcia brand. A chairholder in the Color Marketing Group, Garcia shares insights into the challenges of growing brands today.

• Do successful brands have shared characteristics?
“The most successful brands are the ones that don’t remain stagnant, that are able to adapt to an always-evolving market without compromising their brand promise or alienating their core customer base. Resiliency and authenticity
are key.”

• What is the greatest challenge in offering brands today?
“The lines have blurred in the home textiles industry. It seems that everywhere we look companies/brands are trying to gain entrée into new markets and new product categories. In order to set your brand apart, it’s important to establish a clear brand differentiator.”

• What differentiates your brands?
“I am formally trained in surface pattern design, so pattern and color are the core (and heart) of what we do.Our signature aesthetic pairs complex color combinations and bold pattern through a slightly more contemporary lens.”

• Do you see change coming in home textile trends?
“Color is back! In recent years, we’ve been living with neutral tones, but in the next year or two we will see a shift. As a reaction to the previous trends in minimalism, we see maximalism taking over interiors, with rich and playful color combinations, bold patterns and fun embellishments. Right now, we are having fun with printed textiles and see this being a strong category moving forward.”

Shown: (Top) From Stacy Garcia | New York for LebaTex, the Art Universe Collection includes Invigorate (left) and Nebula (right) fabrics. (Above right) The Watercolor Floral roller shade is from Stay by Stacy Garcia for