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Riviera Home Uses “Best Kept Secret”: Its Own Brand Name

Riviera Home is coming “out of the shadows” and into the spotlight by promoting itself as a brand, shifting its U.S. arm from Regence Home to the new Riviera Home USA. Why the change? Here are details:

Based in Panipal, India, the company began 41 years ago as a shop that sold cotton fabrics run by the Singla family. Over time, the venture expanded into a manufacturing operation that offered a range of products in varied materials sold globally. It remains a family business, now headed by the third-generation of the Singla family.

The company has been offering products in the U.S. for decades, largely through behind-the-scenes relationships with retailers and suppliers. About a dozen years ago, a company formed in the U.S., called Regence Home, was set up as a liquidation arm to move excess product.

Jack Toolan, president, Riviera Home USA, who has been with the company under the previous Regence Home banner for about three years, states, “We have been the best kept secret in the industry. Millions of our products have been sold in varied distribution channels [under other brand names].”

However, Toolan adds, “In recent times, cost pressures from the extended supply chains have decreased margins, so during the past year, we have increased efforts to deal directly with retailers and to make them aware of the company’s story. It’s time to come out of the shadows and promote our efforts through our own brand.

“Years ago, product was king,” Toolan explains. “But today, there are millions of products available and two-thirds of them are good, so sales and success depend on whose story, reputation and commitment are the most important to consumers.

“My objective is to tell our great story—about the high quality of the products, the sustained family management, the commitment to helping the local community in India and the increasing attention to sustainability with low-impact, planet-friendly processes.” The new Riviera Home USA website at is also linked to other social media access points. Riviera Home USA offers bath, scatter and area rugs, blankets, throws and pillows in a range of natural and synthetic materials.

In addition to showcasing the Riviera Home USA brand through retailers, the company plans to launch a moderately priced direct-to-consumer line in June 2019. That first collection will be made with easy care synthetic fibers; the next collection will focus on products made with natural fibers. There will be a separate website created for the direct-to-consumer Riviera Home USA line.

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