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High-Tech Retail Management: The JOOR Wholesale Platform

On July 8, 2019, digital wholesale platform, JOOR (212-673-3970,, announced that former Neiman Marcus leader, Jim Gold, joined its Board of Directors, and Jeff Kaufman, Avanti Linens coo and Home Fashion Products Association president, became a Board advisor. JOOR connects more than 8,600 brands within 53 categories with 200,000 retailers across 144 countries. Headquartered in New York City, JOOR maintains offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Melbourne and Tokyo. Below, Kristin Savilia, ceo of JOOR, details the role of this platform in the retail landscape.

What is your service and how does it work?

“JOOR is the industry standard wholesale platform for fashion, beauty and home. The interface allows brands to manage their entire wholesale business online, end-to-end—from line sheets to reporting and everything in between. For retailers, JOOR allows buyers to effectively manage their buying process and insure that their assortment planning is visible further upstream. This condenses the buying timeline, provides more real-time visibility across assortments and creates opportunities for brands and buyers to forge stronger relationships.”

Does using your service add to or replace what buyers and suppliers currently do to process orders?

“The platform has been developed to take away the cumbersome, time-consuming tasks and processes associated with wholesale selling and buying. Brands and reatilers no longer have to live in spreadsheets, experience delayed timelines and work with out-of-date information. Once everything is loaded into the platform, interactions happen within the interface, collecting all the relevant actions seamlessly. As such the platform leads to significant time  savings for buyers and brands.”

What fees are involved?

“We’re an SaaS platform. Pro subscription pricing for brands is based on the number of users, or custom pricing at the enterprise level subscriptions. For retailers, a Pro subscription is considered enterprise level and comes with custom pricing. We also offer a Lite solution, where any brand selling into any one of our 28+ Pro retailers can upload and manage their line sheets for free.”

Are you just beginning to enter the home goods sector?

“We do already have home goods clients using the platform, as well as fashion labels that also offer home goods. We are looking forward to further expanding into more pure-play home goods brands and retailers with Jeff Kaufman’s expertise.”

Are there any signficant changes that will transform retail in the future based on developing online technologies?

“Technology is always going to offer meaningful change, but the challenge, as individual solutions providers, is not creating portal fatigue for our clients. While there are plenty of great unique technologies out there for one element of the wholesale process, having several platforms or interfaces to manage on any given day is unrealistic. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating a single platform where brands and retailers can access third-party technology on the JOOR platform, via integrations that we develop and manage directly with these third parties. Brands and retailers will be able to get all the value that various technologies are developing, and still only need one platform to work within to manage their wholesale businesses.”