Industry Views March 2018

Binetti Fashions Come Home


Born in Buenos Aires, Diego Binetti studied at the Miami International University of Art and Design, and the Institute of Maragoni in Milan before working with varied fashion houses in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He founded the couture Binetti Collection by Diego Binetti in Sept. 2001. Everyday wear LOVE Binetti launched in 2011. Entering its second year is Binetti Home (212-682-0419, Diego Binetti shares insights into his brand vision.

• What is the philosophy behind your apparel designs?
“My pieees are practical and different. I like the idea of using fashion to empower the body, for the person who wants to make a statement. We design for the varied shapes and sizes of the real woman. I am very aware of what makes a woman look and feel her best. I am not a minimalist! I like embellishment, pattern, texture and color!”

• Who are your target audiences for your apparel designs?
“The Diego Binetti line is a much higher end and more formal brand. We decided to develop the LOVE Binetti line to incorporate a broader audience—more for everyday wear. We dress from the most chic Hampton lady to the most modestly dressed religious women in the Middle East. Our brand sells all over the world and has recently launched in Japan.”

• Why did you create a home goods line?
“I decided to do this together with my life partner, Mario Egozi, who handles the sales and marketing. He is a very talented architect and interior designer, and we decided to give it a go! It has always been my dream to have a ‘lifestyle’ division and we finally did it.”

• What elements translate from your apparel to home goods designs?
“The global influence is a common denominator as well as the interesting textures that make you want to touch a garment or a pillow.
“Binetti Home is a direct development from our accessory line within LOVE Binetti. We do wonderful handbags with hand-loomed fabrics and fun colors that morphed into our first pillow collection. More recently, the detailing on a favorite caftan inspired the Button Puck Collection of hand-embroidered pillow covers with decorative buttons.”

• What lies ahead for Binetti Home?
“Our plan is to expand into the general soft goods market, introducing a complete resort collection complementing our apparel. Our towels, blankets, linens and everything else we produce will be unique and inspiring. Our passion is textiles and great design.”

(Top to bottom) The Binetti Home 20- by 20-inch Ario cotton pillow with macramé hand-woven tassels, Diego Binetti, an apparel fashion ensemble from LOVE Binetti and the Binetti Home 20- by 20-inch Rebutia cotton pillow with hand-loomed dimensional elements.