In The Industry July 2018

OBEETEE and Abraham & Thakore Collaborate On Proud To Be Indian Rugs, Second Edition


On May 31, 2018, OBEETEE, India’s largest luxury carpet maker, launched the second edition of the Proud To Be Indian series with Abraham & Thakore, one of India’s most successful fashion and design houses. Available exclusively at abc carpet & home, the new handcrafted rug collection fuses traditional techniques with a bold, contemporary color palette and edgy artistry.
“The Abraham & Thakore collection for OBEETEE celebrates modern India and its global impact today, while embracing the country’s rich heritage in textile design and its weaving traditions,” says Graham Head, vice-chairman of abc carpet & home.
The new Proud To Be Indian Collection touches upon some of India’s fascinating elements: the borders of vintage saris from Kanchipuram, block prints from Sanganer, and timeless tie-dye Bandhani from Kutch. Designs also are influenced by double Ikat Telia Rumals geometry and the art of calligraphy.
On the launch of second edition of Proud To Be Indian Collection, Rudra Chatterjee, chairman, OBEETEE, says, “With projects such as this one with Abraham & Thakore, we will continue to make fine rugs, but using a new palette derived from the exceptional talent of our partners. We want to give our consumers high-end carpets that are not mass-produced. As we move towards completing 100 years in 2020, we will continue to pursue such opportunities to engage our weavers and help preserve their craft.”
It took OBEETEE’s best weavers more than a year to weave one carpet. The carpets are hand-knotted using different yarns and finishes.
“The carpets are also customized for our patrons. Each buyer can scan a QR code embedded in the tapestry of the carpet and read details about its weaver. These bespoke, limited edition rugs are made to adorn the homes of their proud owners for generations,” says Angelique Dhama, chief marketing officer, OBEETEE.
Shown from the Proud To Be Indian Collection are Rangrez (left), Bandhej Mauve (above) and Chettinad (above right) silk and wool blend rugs. For more details, visit OBEETEE at