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Farewell & Best Wishes

After a substantial 92-year run, E.W. Williams Publications is closing LDB Interior Textiles. This is the final issue of the magazine.
As with any collaborative effort, there are many to thank for their contributions throughout the years. First on the list is the company owner, Andrew Williams, who has steadily guided and staunchly supported the publication through good times, changing times and economically recessive ones.
We want you to know how much we have valued you—our readers, companies who have contributed to our editorial articles, and particularly those companies who have supported and trusted us with their advertising— we appreciate your loyalty.
Our mission has always been to provide curated information that offers a unique perspective. We are proud to have brought you a wide range of firsts and musts, such as: an exclusive comprehensive Buyers’ Guide, SMART Reports and annual State of the Industry articles, and coverage of important sectors—luxury, eco-friendly, motorized windows and fabrics—before and longer than any other home textiles publication had addressed them.
We made LDB Interior Textiles a good-looking magazine in order to do your well-designed products justice and to be an information source you’d be proud to have representing your industry.
Those handful of accomplishments are but a small sampling of what the publishing professionals who created this premier industry magazine achieved over the past nine+ decades. In fact, the current staff of LDB Interior Textiles is grateful to have been the beneficiaries of all that was accomplished by the teams who came before—publishers, editors, art directors, sales associates, circulation directors, production managers, webmasters, directory managers, regular freelancers and an army of valued support staff.
We—Philippa and Wanda—thank our current team for all their hard work and talents: Ilene Chiarella, art director; Aleksandra Ilnicki, directory manager and webmaster; Janys Kuznier, circulation director and our colleagues at the printer.
Both of us have been with LDB Interior Textiles for some time—Philippa for 30 years and Wanda for 13 years. We are thankful for the friends we’ve made and will miss seeing you at future industry events. If you’d like to say a personal farewell, Philippa can be reached at ldbadvphilippa@aol.com; Wanda, through a message via LinkedIn.com. Best Wishes & Good Luck To You All!

Philippa & Wanda

Wanda Jankowski
Philippa Gold