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Quilt Quintet

Choices in quilts explored that run the gamut in style and materials

Seasonal & Regional Needs Met

Featuring delicate crewel embroidery and cozy blanket stitching on two decorative pillows, the Long Beach five-piece quilt set is the newest addition to Hedaya Home Fashions’ Coast and Como Collection. This soft, neutral color palette and intricate shell print makes it ideal for a tranquil guest room or an upscale beach house. Hedaya Home Fashions, Inc., 908-352-0808,

Inspired by Traditional Block Pattern

The American Beauty cotton quilt from the Spring/Summer Americana Collection is based on a traditional nine-patch quilt block. Detailed and soft vintage fabric motifs in shades of ivory, almond, sage, terracotta and gold create an updated classic look. American Heritage Textiles, 888-810-1003,

Bespoke Looks In Varied Materials

Produced in its U.S. factory, the company’s collection of lightweight quilted coverlets continues to be updated with new styles and colors offering bespoke looks that appeal to individual styles. The collection’s current 60 designs can be quilted on a choice of sateen, percale, linen, Dreamwool, flannel, modal and jacquard. Home Treasures, 713-937-7716,

Versatile Modern Designs

Geometric shapes and intricate, yet clean-lined, patterns bring a fresh look to microfiber quilts offered in the Modernist by Ron Chereskin Collection. Melange Home, 212-689-2002,

Youthful & Color-Filled Boho Modern Style

The Royal Empire blue/coral cotton quilt set presents a colorful design of flower and geometric striped patterns for a modern, yet bohemian-inspired, style. Triangle Home Fashions, 732-355-9800,