In The Industry May 2017

Welspun Introduces Project SPUN To Empower Women & Elevate Communities


During March N.Y. Home Fashions Market, Welspun showcased its SPUN, Threads with a Soul™ project with a display in its showroom that included new designs in decorative pillows and bags. Through the SPUN brand, handcrafted products are woven that foster traditional artistry and invest in the artisans’ communities.
Collaborating with organizations of farmers and women, SPUN introduces handcrafted textiles that are inspired by traditional songs and epics intrinsic to Indian folklore and history. Lost arts and old traditions are renewed through the art of block printing, traditional dyes, hand-stitched embroidery, and hand painting. Products are made with materials that sustain eco-friendly practices, such as Kala cotton or recycled rags.
Through the SPUN project, Welspun gives back to society and supports the pillars of the company’s Corporate Social Value initiative: empowerment of women, education, and environment and health. Purchasers of SPUN products assist in this mission.

Interwoven with the Welspun plant, SPUN products are developed at the local village centers by women who are empowered to join the work place and provide income for their households. Their sewing and embroidery skills are enhanced by further training from teachers in the facility.
The Fair Trade wages allow their children to continue their education in government schools and to purchase books and uniforms. Vocational training and adult literacy programs are also available to the beneficiaries and their children.
Healthcare is provided to the working women and children of these villages via mobile clinics and health camps in the children’s schools.
The SPUN initiative also improves the environment and health in local villages. Potable drinking water has reached several villages and more than 1,000 restrooms have been built throughout the villages to teach and encourage basic hygiene.
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