In The Industry May 2017

Lenzing Showcases New Sustainability Strategy On World Earth Day

Lenzing AG, a leading producer of wood-based cellulose fibers, presented its new sustainability strategy within the context of the “World Earth Day” organized by the worldwide Earth Day Network. Each year millions of people participate in Earth Day on April 22 and stand up for the preservation of a livable environment. In this connection, Lenzing donated $27,000 to the Canopy project for its ongoing tree-planting program, completing Earth Day Network’s target of raising $150,000 on Earth Day 2017. The United Nations estimates that for every dollar spent on reforestation, $2.50 is generated in local downstream income and benefits.
The Lenzing Group’s new sustainability strategy called “Naturally Positive“ is the result of the new Group strategy sCore TEN adopted in the autumn of 2015. “The concept of sustainability is an integral feature of our Group strategy. This is because Lenzing is in the unique position to be able to operate a truly circular business model. We produce functional, aesthetic and emotional products by utilizing the raw material wood from CO2 and sunlight,” says Stefan Doboczky, ceo of the Lenzing Group. “At the end of their useful lives, our fibers are biodegradable and thus once again serve as the basis for new plant growth.”
Operational components implemented include the sustainable procurement of wood and a responsible handling of water. The raw material wood is completely converted into valuable industrial raw materials and bioenergy at the biorefineries of the Lenzing Group. Largely closed chemical cycles ensure the environmentally compatible production of fibers. Accordingly, more than 99 percent of the solvent used to manufacture TENCEL® fibers is recovered.
The new sustainability strategy is described in “Sustainability Report 2016,” available at